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Air France

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Thanks to its national carrier, Air France, France is not only renowned for its beauty but also for offering excellent aviation services. It is a division of Air France-KLM, a leading global participant in passenger, cargo, and aviation maintenance, and is frequently abbreviated as AIRFRANCE. One of the oldest airlines in the world today, Air France was founded in 1933. It recently celebrated 88 years of service. A founding member of the international airline alliance SkyTeam is Air France. The airline, which has its headquarters in Tremblay-an-France, continues to operate out of Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orlay as its principal hubs. The cities that airlines prioritise include Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse. With a 212-strong fleet, Air France connects 211 locations worldwide (36 domestic and 175 international). It has received a 4 star rating from Skytrax for its employees, on-board amenities, and airport services. In terms of the number of passengers it transports annually, it ranks among the biggest airlines. The courteousness and assistance of the airline staff, as well as its on-ground and on-board services, are highly praised by travellers from all over the world. Flying-Blue, another frequent flyer programme sponsored by Air France, enables customers to accrue miles or privilege points. Air France and the airlines in its partnership accrue these miles by flying more and more frequently. Under this scheme, Award Miles and Level Miles can both be accumulated. Award miles expire 20 months after the last flight, whereas level miles expire on December 31 of each year. These points can be used to purchase a variety of services that Air France and its partners offer, including airline tickets. The entire programme is separated into four categories, Explorer, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each of which offers its members a different set of advantages.

Air France Cabin/Travel Class Depending on the situation, the route, or the kind of aircraft, Air France offers three or four different types of travel cabins.

1- AIRFRANCE La Première -: This is the First Class cabin for Air France, which is exclusively available on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The most opulent travel class that Air France offers is this one. It comes with a lot of deluxe features or advantages. The finest designers in the industry created the opulent wood and leather seats seen in La Première cabins. These seats are flexible and may be made into full beds that are two metres long. A 10.4" personal touch screen will be available, loaded with interactive games, audios, and videos. Along with personal reading lights, storage drawers, noise-canceling headphones, USB charging outlets, and laptop power connectors, the seats also include auto massage functions. In certain areas, you will be given a personal cab to take you directly from your house to the airport. When you arrive at the airport, airline employees will welcome you and help you with the remaining requirements, such as priority check-in and boarding. The cuisine served by Air France is award-winning and produced by top chefs. Each of them combines flavour, freshness, and natural components. Your drinking experience will be enhanced by carefully chosen wines and a range of beverages. First Class passengers enjoy access to first-rate airport lounges that provide excellent comfort and a range of related services.

2- AIRFRANCE Business Class-: All long-distance flights have this cabin available. Air France's Business Class offers guaranteed comfortable travel thanks to its well-designed cabins, which have lovely architecture, plush upholstery, and individualised service. All of the chairs may be converted into fully extended, two-meter beds that recline 180 degrees. Along with personal reading lights, storage drawers, noise-canceling headphones, USB charging outlets, and laptop power connectors, the seats also include auto massage functions. A 10.4" TV screen has a wide variety of premium audio-video content and games. A 16-inch screen with simple user interaction in several languages is offered in the most recent revisions. All forms of Business Class under Air France include priority boarding and access to VIP airport lounges. The cabin excels at providing upscale, varied dining. It becomes a beautiful experience for you when starters, hot food, delicious flavours, and a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are combined. The luxurious cabin's interior, which includes the area around you, the aisle, and the dining table, is like a regal setting above the clouds.

3- AIRFRANCE Premium Economy Class-: An excellent upgrade from economy is Premium Economy Class on Air France. The 2-4-2 cabin design makes it simple and quick to access the aisle. The cabin has amenities like up to 1230 more spacious, reclining seats with better comfort and legroom. The cushions on the seats are well made, they are covered, and they include a headrest that can be adjusted. Additional amenities in this accommodation include a water bottle at check-in and a comfort kit with socks, an eye mask, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and other items. For your convenience, it has a 10.4" screen, a portable reading lamp, and universal power connectors. The interactive KIOSK at the airport, the airline's official website, or its mobile app all offer self-check-in options. Under Premium Economy, you also get greater baggage allowance and access to airport lounges*. No matter where you are going, there are many different dining options. Award-winning chefs make each and every meal. Food is served hot with fresh, organic ingredients. There are numerous beverages available for selection. Overall, this cabin is among the best Premium Economy Cabins provided by various airlines worldwide.

4- AIRFRANCE Economy Class-: On all long- and short-haul flights, AIRFRANCE offers this basic economy class. One of the few airlines with winged headrests on short- to medium-haul aircraft is AIRFRANCE. Comparatively speaking, the seats are larger than those offered in most Economy Classes. There is more space for the legs and easier access to the seats and aisle. Free drinks, a personal phone, and a touch screen TV are some of the extras offered by AIRFRANCE's Economy Class. On some long-haul planes, the airline features a new Economy Class. The chairs in this category are wider, more flexible, and provide more legroom. Other luxuries include a wider table, a universal electrical plug, a retractable armrest, a leather headrest with wings, additional storage space, USB ports, and headphone holders. Almost all types of Economy Classes offer complimentary snacks and beverages. They are available from a lengthy menu or list of possibilities. You may find a tonne of music, films, and e-newspapers for enjoyment.

AIRFRANCE Baggage Policy

The airline AIRFRANCE has a lax baggage policy. There are a few standard rules and guidelines for all of your luggage. Depending on the kind of ticket, itinerary, destination, or routes, the baggage allowance may vary. Here is information about Air France's baggage policy:

AIRFRANCE Baggage Allowance

Carry-on or Hand Baggage

You are allowed to carry on-hand baggage with the following measurements-

Maximum Dimension for Carry-on or Hand Baggage-

55 X 35 X 25 cm or 21.6 X 13.7 X 9.8 in (including pocket, wheels and handles.

Maximum Weight for Carry-on or Hand Baggage -

· in Economy Class the weight of the hand baggage should not exceed 12 kg/26.4 lb

· In premium Economy, Business and La Première the maximum weight limit is 18 kg/40 lb

Personal Items- You are allowed to bring one personal item in addition to your hand baggage. Personal item shouldn’t be bigger than 40 X 30 X 15 cm/15.7 X 11.8 X 5.8 in

· Personal Items may be one bag or satchel or a bag- for your computer, camera or any electronic device.

· All these items must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.

For more details of authorized personal items visit the official website of the AIRFRANCE.

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage allowance may differ depending on your ticket, fare type, travel class etc.

No. of Checked Baggage and Weight-

Economy cabin- from 0 to 2 checked bags weighing up to 23 kg/50 lb. each.

Premium Economy cabin- 2 checked bags weighing up to 23 kg/50 lb each.

Business cabin- 2 checked baggage items weighing up to 32 kg/70 lb each.

La Première cabin- 3 checked bags weighing up to 32 kg/70 lb each.

Maximum Dimension For Checked Baggage- 158 cm or 62.2 in (a+b+c) including pocket, wheels and handles.

Flying Blue or Sky Team Elite and Elite Plus Members:

The members under these categories may check one extra bag however the dimension and weight limits may vary depending on the category of cabin.

AIRFRANCE Oversized and Overweight Baggage

You will be charged at the airport if any of your bags are larger than allowed or weigh more than allowed.

If the size of your luggage is greater than 158 cm (62.2 in.) but not 300 cm (118 in. ), you will have to pay an extra cost at the airport. The cost is determined by your reservation.

158 cm (62.2 in) to 300 cm (118 in) of luggage must be checked at the "Oversized Baggage" counter.

Please visit the Air France Cargo website if the size of your luggage exceeds 300 cm/118 in.

AIRFRANCE Additional or Extra Baggage

You can purchase additional luggage allowance if you have more things than the allowed number.

On each individual ticket, a maximum of 10 checked bags (allowed baggage plus bought luggage) are permitted.

When purchasing additional baggage, AIRFRANCE offers exclusive discounts.

When booking your ticket online, you can add extra baggage at any moment up to 30 hours before the scheduled departure. Visit the "My Booking" section of the official AIRFRANCE website.

AIRFRANCE Change, Cancellation and Refund Policy

When your ticket is cancelled or you need to amend or cancel your ticket, there are a number of circumstances. Because AIRFRANCE values your convenience, it provides a simple and transparent refund, change, and cancellation policy. Let's go over some standard cancellation terms and conditions:

If a passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of booking it or taking it, they are eligible for a full refund from Air France.

According to Air France's cancellation policy, if a traveller changes their flight plans after 24 hours, the airline may charge a $125 cancellation fee.

A passenger can cancel a flight by going to the AIRFRANCE website.

The cost after subtracting service tax and other government taxes will be reimbursed to your original source of payment used for the booking if you cancel the flight one hour before to departure.

You can receive a refund if you meet all the requirements of Air France's cancellation policy. On AIRFRANCE's official website, under "Manage My Booking," there is an opportunity to track the status of your refund request.

Within 3 to 4 business days, the source receives the reimbursement money.

24 Hours Cancellation Policy

According to the AIRFRANCE 24 hours cancellation policy, you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your ticket within the first 24 hours of booking.

All tickets purchased directly through Air France (website, mobile app, ticket counter, or contact centre) from the United States are subject to the airline's 24-hour cancellation policy. According to this policy, if you cancel your flight reservation within 24 hours of booking, if you make the reservation at least one week before to your flight's departure, and if you book your ticket for a flight from or to the United States, you won't be charged a fee.

The 24-hour cancellation policy is subject to modification at any time by AIRFRANCE.

AIRFRANCE Change Policy

If the tariff conditions on your ticket permit flight modifications, you may modify your reservation in accordance with the terms and conditions of Air France. The following are some general guidelines for changing a ticket:

• If the tariff terms on your ticket permit it, you may change your reservation.

• Your booking confirmation email and ticket will both provide information about the ticket's fare conditions.

• Changeable tickets can be amended online or over the phone.

Visit the "Manage My Booking" option on the official AIRFRANCE website to change your ticket online.

AIRFRANCE Cancelled Flight Policy

When an airline cancels a flight, there are many different causes. If an airline does this, you have the option of choosing from one of their other flights or getting a full refund.

AIRFRANCE Refund Policy

As soon as you make a request for a refund, the representative will begin the refund procedure if you are qualified.

The transmission of a refund could take up to 3–4 business days.

The original payment method used to purchase the ticket will get the full amount of the refund.

Refund and cancellation requests must be submitted with the same ticket, if purchased through an agency.

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