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Frontier Airlines

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

A low-cost airline, Frontier Airlines offers service to over a hundred US cities and 31 foreign locations. Its headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, in the US, and it has many target cities all throughout the country. The carrier is an operating brand and subsidiary of Indigo Partners, LLC. Prior to the pandemic disrupting all travel, Frontier Airlines' 114-strong fleet handled a record 22.67 million passengers in 2019. With the retirement of outdated aircraft and the addition of new, cutting-edge aircraft, their fleet is modernized on a regular basis. According to a recent poll, their aircraft are on average younger than those of several other carriers. The oldest two aircraft were little over ten years old, and the five youngest have been in service for less than two and a half years. In addition to providing the most affordable rates, Frontier is dedicated to supporting families. On select flights, members of the Discount Den® travel club can book free flights for kids 14 and under. They have knowledgeable baggage handlers and a well-oiled system, so you won't need to worry about the security or transportation of your bags. Millions of happy consumers have trusted them because of their hospitality and onboard services.

In-flight Services

The widest middle seats offered by any US airline at the time, airlines started adding 19" wide middle seats in their Airbus 321 and A320 fleets in 2015. Airlines pre-recline the seats in the main cabin to ensure comfort on even brief flights. "Stretch" row seating, which comes with a 5-8" longer pitch, fully reclining seats, lumbar support, and diamond stitching, is offered for an extra cost or is free for Frontier Elite Program members. In addition to other gratis services, they also provide free food and beverages.

Frequent Flyer Program

By using the Frontier Airlines World Master Card, flying with Frontier Airlines, participating in the FFP called Frontier Miles, or making purchases at partner hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, and hotels, you can accrue loyalty points. Flights, magazine subscriptions, auto rentals, and hotel stays may all be purchased with Frontier Miles. Free carry-on and checked bags, early seat assignments, family seating, priority boarding, elimination of redemption fees, stretch seating, Discount Den Membership, and mileage multipliers are some of the perks of their Elite programmed.

Hub- Denver

Focus Cities- Atlanta, Chicago-O’Hare, Cleveland, Las-Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Tampa, Trenton.

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